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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog The Bonus Leaderboard is so unfair!

The Bonus Leaderboard is so unfair!

by Chris | Earn extra bonus

We’ve given away 582 prizes on the Bonus Leaderboard so far. Have you ever won one? If not, will you ever catch up & get one?

Recently there have been a number of comments from FPL members on our Facebook widget suggesting that the Bonus Leaderboard is unfair because it always rewards the same people. For example:

“I think it should be random winners” first 100 – always the same people that get them, If you picked random winners it might make the rest of us more likely to visit and share, . Yet the people that share the page get NO reward for doing so, soon you will just have the top 100 people as more and more people are not coming here.”

Whilst I understand the frustration, the reason the Bonus Leaderboard was introduced was to reward loyal FPL members who have stuck around for a long time despite not winning the main daily draw. For example, I was the very first member of FPL 2 years and 8 months ago, and I’ve STILL not won. Some people have won twice! On Jan 3rd this year the £200 winner had only registered 3 days beforehand! It seems unfair, but it’s the luck of the draw. The Bonus Leaderboard is designed to compensate for this.

Originally, the only way to accrue your bonus was to gain 1p every day you visited the site, and earning 20p for “Liking” us on Facebook, and another for “+1ing” us on Google. Then I added a referral scheme which gives each user an opportunity to earn up to £10 by referring up to 100 people (More details here). I then introduced a number of offers that earned users extra bonus for entering, but have since removed these because they were not reliable enough.

Maxing out your referral bonus alone will give you a big enough bonus to get into the top 50 (the last prize was given to the top 100). So, it’s not really that unfair! People who have successfully done this have added posts to popular websites like MoneySavingExpert.com.

As always though, I’m open to new ideas. If you have any suggestions for ways of earning extra bonus please post them in the comments section below. Otherwise, good luck!