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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Uncategorized Trouble with the Misses

Trouble with the Misses

by Chris | Uncategorized

chrisOur three most frequently asked questions: Why has my postcode never been drawn? Why do so many people forget to claim? Can you win more than once? We’ve been looking into the numbers over the last 365 days and found some striking stats. Anyone prone to FOMO should look away now…

As you can see below, most of the winning opportunities on PMP are missed:

Main Draw: Out of 900 possible winners, only 360 claimed (40%). 153 of the 365 draws had no claims (41%)

Video Draw: Out of 873 possible winners only 188 claimed (22%). 232 of the 365 draws had no claims (64%)

Survey Draw: Out of 870 possible winners only 183 claimed (21%).227 of the 365 draws had no claims (62%)

Stackpot: Only one person can claim, but out of 10,005 draws, it’s still only been claimed 2183 times (21%).

Bonus Draws: Out of 1504 possible winners only 647 claimed (43%). 548 of the 1095 draws had no claims (50%)

Mini Draw: Our secret Mini Draw (look down) has only been claimed 40 times (5%) out of 871 possible winners. 325 of the 365 draws had no claims (89%)

Flash Draws: These appear in the ad slots so keep you eyes peeled. 79 out of 111, 790 flash draws have been claimed.

What about multiple wins? This year one user has won and claimed three times, but 504 people have been drawn twice and claimed 0 times.

Since we launched, one user has been drawn 7 times but only claimed once and 23 users have been drawn 6 times and claimed no times.

So, next time you wonder why you haven’t won yet, make sure you are:

Checking every day (where possible)
Checking every draw
Remember that the Stackpot is refreshed twice a day, at 9am and 9pm.

You could have won without realising it. You can check the Past Winners page to check if you’ve missed any of the main draws.

NB. Unfortunately, we cannot honour missed wins. Not because we’re mean, but because they rollover and are eventually claimed by someone.

Good luck!

Chris 🙂