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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Trust Pilot Reviews – March 2023

Trust Pilot Reviews – March 2023

by May | Community, Reviews, Winner feedback

We know you all love reading the reviews from your fellow Pick My Postcode Members so here are some of our favourite trust pilot reviews from March.

Stackpot Win! –

Won £10 in Stackpot and £77.10 bonus today 🙌 😀 🥳 – Marie

PMP is quick and simple to use – ⭐

PMP is quick and simple to use. Check daily for the draws once you see your postcode press that claim button ASAP then away you go wait for your winnings to hit your account just like I did .. 👍😃😀one happy person right now THANK YOU PMP!
££££££ coming my way – TH Hopkins

Fantastic! –

Absolutely fantastic and free I was starting to loose hope in winning then I won twice in 2 months definitely recommended to join – Robert

I won… – ⭐

I have been doing Pick My Postcode for quite a few years now and today was the day, I won £10 on the stackpot draw plus what was in my bonus account, a massive thank you to Chris and the team. It was really simple to receive the money as well, just set up a PayPal account and the money was in my account this evening. – Goss

 Can’t Believe I Won – ⭐

I’ve been taking part on PMP for some time now and imagine my surprise when my postcode was picked on the bonus draw, earning me £40 plus my bonus of £25.94. I’m going to give half to my girlfriend and buy some new carnivorous plants for myself, thank you PMP. You made my day – Mark

I Won! – ⭐

I won! £10 + £74 bonus whoop whoop. I check every day and finally my postcode came up. – Sandra

Easy to Do and Worthwhile – ⭐

Been doing this for a number of years, easy to do, we recently won a £20 amount and a bonus payout and the money was in the bank less than 24 hours later – Haem

Please keep sending in your amazing reviews! We love reading them and maybe your comment will be featured soon 🙂
Have a good day and good luck in future draws.

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