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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog FAQ Why do the same postcodes always win?

Why do the same postcodes always win?

by Chris | FAQ

That’s a polite way of putting the question that gets asked the most on this site. The answer is simply that they don’t. Why does it seem that they do? Most probably because some postcodes have more entries than others.

What do we have against Swindon?

Absolutely nothing! The reason YO11 & YO12 (Scarborough) win so often is that there are 219 entries from these postcodes. Whereas Swindon only have 61 entries. The population of Swindon is 186,000, and the population of Scarborough is only 50,00. So, the question is not “What do we have against Swindon?” but “What does Swindon have against us?”

“Ive been playing this for over 4 years now and only once have I seen an SN postcode!”

from the Facebook comments section

Actually, Swindon postcodes have won 5 times in the 2.5 year history of the site whereas Scarborough has won 18 times. That’s about what you’d expect given the number of entries for each place.

In case you’re wondering, the reason why Scarborough has so many entries is because one of our players (nikkikayj) regularly posts her referral link onto a popular Facebook page that she runs. It got her to the top of the Bonus Leaderboard! Nikki, if you’re reading can you post a link in the comments below please?

Bolton is not Birmingham

There have also been a lot of winning postcodes that begin with ‘B’ which hasn’t escaped the notice of some of the more enthusiastic Facebook commenters. This is because Birmingham (B) is the country’s second most populous city. But then there are also a lot of other sizeable cities/towns beginning with B: Bristol (BS), Bath (BA), Bournemouth (BH), Blackburn (BB), Bradford (BD), Bolton (BL), Brighton (BN), and Belfast (BT). Just because it starts with ‘B’ doesn’t mean it’s Birmingham!

It’s just the luck of the draw

Each entry has the same chance of being picked by the computer (MySQL Rand() function in case you are interested!). The computer is a server sat in a data centre somewhere where I’ve never been. So, sadly, I cannot influence the results despite the many requests I get asking me to. There is no geographical bias, and indeed, I’m not clever enough to programme one!

All I can do is wish you all luck… Even those of you in Swindon! 😉