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Blog News LAMB Slaughters Dragons

LAMB Slaughters Dragons

by Chris | Money Saving, News, Websites

We’re so proud of our friends at Look After My Bills walking away with the best deal in Dragons’ Den history. They had offers from all five dragons, stood up to Peter Jones, and even walked away with more money than they asked for. They bagged a £120,000 investment from Tej and Jenny for just 3%!

As I mentioned when Pouch were on the show, I’ve never missed an episode, but I’m also a massive fan of Look After My Bills.

The energy market has always troubled me. Every year bills go up, and the cats at the top get fatter. It’s totally dysfunctional. We set up Tariff Team a few years ago because we believed that collective switching was the answer, but shut it down in January to focus on helping Look After My Bills. Why? As Will explains on the show:

“Right now people get ripped off. We all know that we should switch, but we don’t, so Look After My Bills does the switching for you… [Collective switching] saved people huge amounts of money with great deals, but then the deals expired and they went up to a higher price”

Look After My Bills takes 2 minutes to sign up to and then, each year, will automatically switch to a better tariff for your gas and electricity, before your supplier has a chance to jack the prices up when you’re not looking. It’s a no-brainer.

If the energy sector can’t fix itself, the next best thing is for the us, the consumer, to fix it ourselves. We can’t be expected to keep an eye on them at all times, let alone remembering to switch each year, so LAMB is a really good tool to help us do this. As Jenny Campbell put it, “What you’re launching today is about making energy companies honest. And it’s long overdue.”

You can sign up to Look After My Bills here. It’s totally free, and you won’t be forced to do anything against your will or without your knowledge. I’ve done it, and it’s super simple.

Well done guys. I hope your success continues, and you save PMPers loads of money on their bills.