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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Retired Couple from Bedford win £600 on the Main Draw

Retired Couple from Bedford win £600 on the Main Draw

by May | Community, News, Reviews, Winner feedback

“We are very lucky” says the couple who won £600 on the main draw.

Val and Jeff Hollingsworth, a retired couple from Putnoe in Bedford, won £665.53 last week on the main draw.

Jeff, 75 joined the site 7 years ago and never missed checking the draws daily, even when they were on holiday. He suggested his wife Val, 62 join the site a few years after so they could both build their bonus. When their postcode came up on the main draw, they both claimed which split the £200 winnings. With Jeff’s bonus of £420.02 and Val’s £45.51, that brought their total winnings to £665.53.

When asked what they plan to spend their winnings on, they said: “We will be putting the money towards our next trip to see our grandchildren in Perth, Australia.”

When asked what they would say to those losing hope of a win, they said: “Believe. It could be you next.

Pick My Postcode has 4,835 active members living in Bedfordshire and since 2017, the residents have won a total of £16,757.96.

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