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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Trust Pilot Trust Pilot Reviews – June 2023

Trust Pilot Reviews – June 2023

by May | Community, Member submission, News, Reviews, Social Media, Stories, Trust Pilot, Winner feedback

Here are some of our favourite Trust Pilot reviews from June. Hope you all enjoy reading them as much as we did.

How Lucky Am I?! –

It only takes a few minutes to check the winning postcodes each day in this free to enter draw. Three days ago my post code was drawn and a lovely amount of money was deposited into my PayPal account this morning. This prize means such a lot to me and I am truly grateful. – Mrs Webster

Only cost is a few minutes per day – ⭐

I’ve been a member of PMP for about 4 years now. No, I’ve not won (yet), but all it costs is a handful of minutes per day to check the multiple draws.
There seems to be people who leave 1 star reviews because they haven’t won. By nature of a lottery, you should hope to win, but not expect to. You may win, you may not. Expecting to win and then moaning when you don’t seems silly. It makes me wonder if these people do the same for a certain £12pm Postcode related lottery, or £2 per line for another well known lottery of National scale?
There are ways to boost your bonus (which is paid out on top of the winnings if your postcode is drawn) by completing surveys… BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO do them if you don’t want to. My bonus pot currently stands at £92.91, but I haven’t done many surveys.
The comments sections at the bottom of each page are also a chuckle to read and join in with at times. – David

This is brilliant –

Really happy. Just won a share of £200 or maybe even the full £200. Doesn’t cost penny. Just a few minutes each day to check. – Christine

Interesting and Fun – ⭐

Interesting and a fun, free, pass-time. I enjoy the surveys and actually make use of bonus offers which actually build my balance in the event of a win. I trust the system so Its only a matter of time , haha I’m an optimist. Support are always quick and friendly too.- Grant

Great Free Site – ⭐

Great site! I enjoy checking for my postcode on all the draws every day, it only takes a few seconds of your time. It’s even more great when you have a win…you also get your accumulated bonus added to your winnings. The prize money is in Paypal within a couple of days. I’ve been lucky enough to have won twice over the years, so I can definitely recommend. – Lynn

A lovely little win – ⭐

Been playing for years, finally got a win! It went into my PayPal within days, including my bonus, and my bonus stays the same too. Fantastic, didn’t expect to ever win but got there in the end. Thanks guys – Dan

Fantastic! – ⭐

I have been on this site for a few years now, without any success. Yesterday I was told that my postcode had been matched on the stack pot. So along with the postcode and my bonus, I’ve picked up £82.29. Yeeeeehhhhh! – Sadie

Please keep sending in your amazing reviews! We love reading them and maybe your comment will be featured soon 🙂
Have a good day and good luck in future draws.

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