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Blog Statistics Bun Fight

Bun Fight

by Chris | Statistics

A colleague has an ongoing disagreement with his partner. He toasts his hot cross buns, while she has them cold. She says he’s weird. He says “let’s find out now“. He wins, and doesn’t brag at all.

We asked 10,000 of you how you have your hot cross buns. 68% of you have them toasted and 23% have them cold (cold cross buns?) and the remaining 9% warm them some other way (which, we think, is acceptable). Interestingly, there is a skew towards this in Scotland, so we would be grateful if any of our Scottish PMPers can let us know their bun warming secrets in the comments below.

How do you eat your hot cross buns?

This made us wonder what other domestic disputes we could resolve. Perhaps we can save some marriages, if not our own.

What argument would you like to settle? Let us know in the comments, or by email if you’re shy, and we’ll put the best ones on the Survey Draw and report back.