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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Statistics Help Everyday Plastic Fame and Shame Retailers

Help Everyday Plastic Fame and Shame Retailers

by May | News, Statistics, Survey

A nationally representative poll of 2,026 people found that 70% believe that retailers don’t do enough to reduce the amount of plastic waste used in their packaging.

The same poll found that 23% of people felt that all supermarkets were not doing adequate amounts to reduce plastic waste. However, the retailers most frequently mentioned were:

  • Tesco
  • Asda
  • Amazon
  • Aldi
  • Morrisons

People from the North East were 10% more likely to feel that their supermarkets are doing a good job at reducing plastic consumption, where as only 9% of Londoners felt that retailers were pulling their weight. It also found that the higher your social grade the less likely you were to think supermarkets were doing their bit to reduce single-use plastic.

We want to hear who you would nominate for doing their bit to reduce single-use plastic in their products, and who would you shame for not pulling their weight. To help Everyday Plastic publicly fame and shame retailers, please fill out this form.

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