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Blog Get Your FreeStuff On!

Get Your FreeStuff On!

by Chris | Websites

There’s a wealth of freebies, samples, bargains and prizes on the web if you know where to look. Here’s FPL’s favourite Freebie sites.


LatestFreeStuff.co.uk lists over 600+ genuine freebies from the biggest brands in the UK. Their active Facebook and Twitter community is constantly growing and sharing deals and they’ve enjoyed have had lots of recent media coverage including just being featured in Woman’s Own and Web User magazine (just like FPL!) last month.

They have also just launched the UK’s first freebie mobile app (available for iPhone and Android users) which allows you to order freebies directly from your smartphone. Perfect if you are on your lunch break or the commute to work. It’s a great way to keep up to date with the latest freebies on the go!

LatestFreeStuff.co.uk »


FreeStuff.co.uk has been around since 1998, and is one of the oldest and largest freebie sites in the UK employing a dedicated team of passionate “freebie hunters” who scour the internet finding the latest and best freebies each day. They also also have direct relationships with many big-brand companies who sometimes give exclusive freebies or competition prizes to offer to their members.

FreeStuff’s head administrator, Jenny Piff gives the following advice to budding freebie hunters,

“It can take a while for freebies to arrive and the best ones are limited in number so apply for everything that interests you, be patient and soon the freebies will start to pile up. To increase your chances of success check the site early each day and apply for the new freebies before anyone else. Also sign up for our newsletter as this is where the exclusive member offers are listed. Finally, check out our Facebook page regularly as short-term offers are listed here, as well as many other freebies posted by our 80,000+ fans.

FreeStuff is also great for frugal shoppers and was recently recommended in “Extreme Couponing” features on the BBC Breakfast news and in the Daily Mail. There is a huge section of the site dedicated to money saving coupons which can be printed off and used at shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Jenny says “saving 50p off a loaf of bread or 20p off a pint of milk may not sound glamorous compared to say winning a luxury holiday, but it’s amazing how quickly these small savings add up and you never know you could soon save enough to pay for a holiday like our super scrimper Jordon Cox!”

FreeStuff.co.uk »


Like the others CloudFreebies.co.uk has a load of freebies but also has a big network of advertisers behind them so you can often find stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. They are also known to introduce new brands into the “freebiesphere” like WeekendBoxClub.com.

CloudFreebies.co.uk »