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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Bonuses How to win an extra £25

How to win an extra £25

by Chris | Bonuses, News, Tips

chrisThe average winner on PMP walks away with an extra £25.36 on average. Why? Because they build their Bonus. Here’s how.

1. Refer your friends (and enemies – why not?)

You can add up to £200 to your Bonus by getting people to sign up to PMP. Why wouldn’t you? They may be sceptical at first but they’ll be thanking you at second. Each referral earns you up to 20p as they build their own Bonus. This is to prevent (some of) you creating bogus referrals. More about how to make referrals here.

2. Complete offers

We go through a lot of trouble to find offers we think you’ll like. We reject A LOT that we think you won’t. Some of the offers reward you with Bonus for signing up. Just look out for the green label telling you how much. And please, only sign up if you think you want the offer, and always read the small print. You can find all of the Bonus offers here.

3. Fill out some surveys

This is what we’ve been working really hard on. You may have noticed that we’ve been inviting you to more and more external surveys for our market research clients. This will continue to grow and we’re getting better at weeding out the bad ones – we promise. In fact, we’ve just gone live with a new survey provider called Prodege. However, you need to enable this as it involves sharing some of your demographic information to get started. Nothing scary. Just enough for GDPR to make things more difficult. It’s all explained if you press the button at the bottom of this post.

BTW, if you’re not getting invited to Bonus surveys then it may be because you’ve not told us your year of birth. You can do that here.


Chris & Team 🙂