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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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FPL Daily Comps News

by Chris | News, PMP Comps

Our separate FPL Daily Comps site has been a hit with many FPLers, but it hasn’t been without its niggles. We’ve had a major update which should make it much easier to both enter, and remember to come back for new prizes. … Read more

What the FPL?! Part 2

by Chris | News

Sorry, sequel’s are usually such a sell-out, but so much is going on in FPL HQ this may well turn into a boxset… Here’s another update for you. … Read more

What the FPL is going on?!

by Chris | News

I may be fooling myself into thinking you’ve noticed my absence… I’ve been working hard behind the scenes with new site launches, FPL’s rebuild, and other less glamourous things. So I thought it was time to speak up again, and to announce a reshuffle! … Read more