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Blog Statistics PMP's Best & Worst Christmas Songs

PMP’s Best & Worst Christmas Songs

by Chris | Statistics

chrisLast week we were asked to vote, in an attempt to finally resolve one of our nation’s most divisive issues: What are the best and worst Christmas songs? We asked over 70,000 of you on our Survey Draw, and this is what you said.

Last year I finally came out as a Christmas grump, and haven’t looked back. The older I get the more frequent Christmas seems to be, and the harder it gets to escape it. Christmas songs on the radio, in the sandwich shop, in the gym, in the office, in my head, over and over again. My kids are singing Wham! at me! It’s not just Christmas. The mere mention of Easter gives me Creme-Egg-sickness.

These aren’t bad songs, certainly by today’s standards, but anyone who has worked in a shop over Christmas, will understand how a twelve song perma-loop is more chinese-water-torture than “Ooh I just love when everything gets all Christmassy”.

Still, I don’t mind one or two of them. In fact, I might even crack a smile on the occasional hearing of my favourite one, which I’m very pleased to see is also “yours”. It’s also interesting to see Slade’s nineties resurgence has faded, and East-17-denial is rife. I’m also pleased to see that my least favourite doesn’t fare well. I hope it’s not on his Glasto playlist…

PMP’s Favourite Christmas Songs

  1. Pogues: 21,971
  2. Wham!: 7,223
  3. Mariah Carey: 6,963
  4. Chris Rea: 6,811
  5. Wizzard: 6,196
  6. Slade: 5,665
  7. Band Aid: 4,958
  8. Shakin Stevens: 3,604
  9. East 17: 3,251
  10. John Lennon: 2,985
  11. Elton John: 2,364
  12. Paul McCartney: 1,740

PMP’s Least Favourite Christmas Songs

  1. East 17: 10,781
  2. Mariah Carey: 9,831
  3. Pogues: 8,081
  4. Paul McCartney: 6,586
  5. John Lennon: 6,030
  6. Chris Rea: 5,619
  7. Elton John: 5,378
  8. Band Aid: 4,935
  9. Shakin Stevens: 3,738
  10. Wham: 3,409
  11. Slade: 3,294
  12. Wizzard: 3,076

NB. I should point out that we chose the twelve most common Christmas songs, purely from memory. I realise “Stop The Cavalry” by Jona Lewie isn’t in the list. It probably should have been. Sorry, too late now.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Chris x