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Blog Saint Equinas

Saint Equinas

by Chris | Charity

FPL winner Scott Stevenson Doubles & Donates his winnings to Equine Market Watch, a charity dedicated towards the welfare of horses.

On the 20th of December Scott Stevenson’s postcode (TA7 8HX) won the daily draw and he chose to “Double & Donate” it to his chosen charity, Equine Market Watch. If you haven’t yet, you can choose a charity here so that when you win, you are offered the same option.

Scott is a clinical hypnotherapist and healer (www.scott4hypno.co.uk) and has helped both riders and horses; He ‘met’ Elaine from EMW through a horsey website (http://www.saddle-up.org/forums) which supports her charity. In return, she introduced him to FPL… And it paid off 🙂

“I support them because Elaine and all her volunteers and helpers work sooooo hard to help our equine friends; putting up with physical emotional and financial hardships that would floor most of us, in order that these rescued animals have a safe forever home and loving new ones. They inspire me to be a better person! I made a horse rider specific hypnotherapy CD for members of the forum and regularly make donations to EMW from that relationship and opportunity to work with riders with a percentage of any sales of CDs or consults sent on to Elaine.” – Scott Stevenson

This is great news for EMW as we head toward The coldest months of the year and the highest costs, faced by this charity, through the year.

“We are currently trying to raise enough funding for another big field shelter and the rubber matting it will require inside to enable the charity to intake those smaller ponies/foals in need who will be coming along during the months ahead. We would like to say a huge thank you to all who support this charity and donated to help horses in our care.” – Elaine, EMW

If you want to help, or just want to find out more information please visit Equine Market Watch here.