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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Tips

Category: Tips

Some handy tips from Dave Moore

by Chris | Tips

PMP wouldn’t be the same without our much celebrated, sometimes controversially sarcastic, veterans. Love him or not-love-him, Dave Moore has a way with words. These words in particular: … Read more

Avoid Miss-anger with Messenger

by Chris | News, Tips

(Cringe). Emails are unreliable. Sometimes your daily alert emails arrive late, not at all, or in the wrong tab or folder. We’re trialling a chat-based alternative using Facebook Messenger to help make it easier to check PMP each day and avoid a missed win. … Read more

How to create a shortcut to PMP on your phone

by Chris | Community, News, Tips

The more times you visit the site, the more eyeballs we get on the site which means more money from advertisers and more money we can give away in prizes to you! We’re so grateful to all of our loyal users and we’d hate for your postcode to come up and for you to miss it. We don’t have an app (just yet) but there is something you can do to make checking PMP super easy, super fast and to make sure you don’t miss out on any wins! … Read more

Sick of gambling companies? Self-exclude!

by Chris | News, Tips

Today is Grand National day and, like every year, we are being offered vast sums of money by betting companies to promote their introductory offers. They want to pay us to convert you into gamblers. We won’t be involved in their recruitment drives. In fact, we’ll go even further to protect you by promoting their self-exclusion policies. … Read more

Howdy Partners!

by Chris | Money Saving, Tips, Websites

One of the great things about a big community like FPL is that we attract some pretty cool businesses that want to work with us. You may have noticed that we’ve been writing about a few of our new partners on our blog. Whilst the arrangements are usually commercial, since we need to fund those prizes, we’ll only shout about the ones that really shouldn’t be missed. FPL + Partner + You = Win Win Win. Here’s our current lineup … Read more

Meet the Dream Maker

by Chris | Reviews, Tips, Websites

FPLers, meet Ben. Ben is obsessed with ticking off his “bucket list” and inspiring others to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. He’s created a promising site and inspired me to write about it. He’s also giving away a free trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. … Read more